Real estate
landing pages

Build individual landing pages for each of your real estate marketing campaigns or create listing pages with data straight from your MLS feed.

Real estate lead capture

Integrate landing pages into marketing campaigns

Encourage customers to take action on your specific service or offering with landing pages, listing pages, and lead captures.

Promote new listings

Promote new listings

Incorporate marketing automation by generating new landing pages for any real estate listing. Encourage online scheduling and convert new leads.

Convert from ads

Convert from ads

Direct potential leads from online ads to your own landing pages and offer a unique service or material that converts them into customers.

Localize content

Localize content

Create neighborhood or city specific landing pages targeting local audiences and offer exclusive information based on your field of expertise.

Frequently asked questions

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are standalone web pages created for site visitors to “land” on after clicking from an email, social media post, ad, or another marketing campaign online. They serve the purpose of informing and converting your prospects into leads when paired with the use of a lead capture or call to action. Unlike pages within your real estate website, landing pages are created for a single purpose designed specifically for the goal of an individual marketing campaign.

Where does a landing page fit into my real estate marketing?

In marketing terms, landing pages typically come after your “top of funnel” and right before lead conversion. For example, a lender creates a marketing campaign offering helpful financing information to their audience on their business Facebook page, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The marketing team knows this is high-value information to their audience and expects to draw a lot of social media engagement. To convert those interested individuals, social media posts include a link to a landing page where they can download the full, free financing guide after they submit their email. In this instance, the landing page contains as the action a prospect takes to become a viable lead for your business.

Where can I learn more about incorporating landing pages into my digital marketing strategy?

Where can I learn more about incorporating landing pages into my digital marketing strategy?

What do I need to include on my landing pages?

There are a number of fundamental elements in a high-converting landing page no matter the type of campaign you’re running. After you have defined your marketing campaign, your campaign goals, and established coherent messaging, you can start laying out the basic structure of a landing page.

A few key elements include a headline that matches the campaign messaging you have distributed on other digital outlets, supporting copy that offers extra detail below the headline, and a support visual such as a video, animation, or image. Once these elements are established “above the fold”, you will want to build a section of the page that prompts an action by the site visitor. Examples include a “schedule a tour” form, a downloadable guide form, sign up for a webinar form, and more.

To reinforce your message and the overall campaign, you will want to include a section detailing the benefits of what you are offering. This should remind the prospect of the value you are offering and entice them to take action (convert into a lead). You can close off the page re-iterating the features of your offering, which is distinct from the benefits. You’ll want to avoid including any additional links that cause the prospect to navigate away from the page. The “action” you established on the top half of your page should be the only one your prospect can take on your landing page.

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