Lead capture for
real estate marketing

Create lead capture forms and lead magnets to display on landing pages, website popups, banners, or sticky bars for any digital marketing campaign.

Real estate lead capture

Connect lead capture with automated workflows

Create automations to simplify your entire lead generation process from content creation to engagement to conversion.

Customizable forms

Customizable forms

Choose from Lightsome’s selection of lead capture form templates or create your custom form specific to your business goals.

Automated distribution

Automated distribution

Create automation workflows with specific actions that initiates a process sending your campaign to your designated audience.

Lead conversion

Lead conversion

Capture new leads through your website and landing pages. Set up email auto-responders to let your audience know you’re always there to connect.

Frequently asked questions

What is a lead capture?

Lead capture is the part of your lead generation process when your website visitor converts into a lead. Lead captures can be any method your prospect contacts you or submits their contact information. Good examples of lead capture for real estate businesses are when a prospect schedules a property tour through your website, opts to download a lending guide by submitting their email, or enter their address into your website form to estimate their property market value.

Can I incorporate lead capture into my real estate lead generation strategies?

Yes! While real estate is a business rooted in physical property, the majority of the industry’s prospects search online for homes and real estate related services as their primary method of finding the information they need. By incorporating lead capture into your lead generation strategies, you are meeting your prospect where they are. Bring lead capture forms and pages into your real estate generation funnel through special offerings, promotions, or downloadable free guides.

Can I use lead capture for my real estate business?

Yes! Lead capture forms and pages are a great way to generate inbound leads online for any real estate business. Marketers should incorporate lead capture into any digital marketing campaign by converting their prospects through a content marketing strategy.

How do I use a lead capture to generate real estate leads?

There are many creative ways to generate leads with lead capture. It is the part of the lead generation process where your prospect takes action because they discovered the value from the information or service you provide. You can add popup forms on your website or landing pages, encourage online appointment scheduling, or create downloadable industry guides and resources in exchange for your prospect’s email. Create engaging, relevant content online to build an audience interested in what your business has to offer. Make lead capture accessible to your audience and offer something of value to them in exchange for their contact information.

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