Automate your
real estate marketing

Create automated workflows for your content marketing, social media marketing, or email marketing so it runs even while you're away from the office.

Automation tools for your marketing tasks

Content Scheduling

Content scheduling

Launch your marketing campaigns quickly and hassle-free on Lightsome’s hosted solution that scales with your business - all with one click.

Auto-generated visuals

Auto-generated visuals

Automatically populate images based on your real estate marketing strategies and business details to accompany your marketing copy.

Social media auto-post

Social media auto-post

Post to social media as soon as you publish new content to effectively promote your latest marketing campaigns.

Email responders

Email auto-responders

Demonstrate attentiveness to new leads with automated email responses. Let your audience know you’re always ready to connect.

Follow-up reminders

Follow-up reminders

Receive notifications straight to your inbox after you’ve captured a lead. Keep lines of communication open with suggestions on ways to follow up.

Automated emails

Automated emails

Send newsletters to your audience as soon as you publish new content. Streamline your lead generation workflows with action-driven emails.

Frequently asked questions

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the use of software to streamline marketing processes and tasks and easily reach audiences across multiple channels. For real estate marketing, repetitive tasks such as email marking, social media posting, and digital content marketing can be automated using Lightsome’s easy-to-use automation tools.

Marketing automation tools also allow real estate professionals to nurture prospects with highly personalized, relevant content and convert leads into satisfied clients. Lightsome’s automation features allows real estate businesses to distribute consistent, automated messages across email, websites, landing pages, and social media.

Who is marketing automation for?

Marketing automation is perfect for real estate businesses of all sizes and great for real estate professionals who need to delegate repetitive marketing tasks while maintaining consistent, personalized messaging. Whether you are the sole operator of your real estate business or you employ a marketing team for all of your company’s digital marketing efforts, Lightsome’s easy-to-use automation tools is built for real estate professionals with any level of technical expertise.

How do marketing automation tools work?

Lightsome allows you to set up an automation workflow in a few simple steps. Schedule a task to be triggered by any specific action such as publishing a new blogpost or detecting a new listing from your MLS data feed. The task, such as generating a new landing page based on your own custom designed template with a lead capture, will then be executed. The new landing page can then be automatically distributed to your audience on social media and over email. You can then create automated messages to start your engagement with leads converted from your automatically generated landing page.

Is marketing automation easy to use?

Yes! The best marketing automation tools should aim to make your marketing tasks simpler and easier. With Lightsome, you can create marketing workflows with just a few clicks making it easier to generate new copy for marketing campaigns, swiftly respond and follow up with new leads, or post to social media with a coherent marketing message.

Ready to start automating?

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